The Lab is where you’ll find Professor Banks perpetually tinkering, finding new ways to extract the most magical flavours from Dr Bloom’s precious botanicals. Botany comes in many forms and each may require a different treatment: freezing, drying, spinning.  She’s very methodical in her practice and though this doesn’t always translate to a tidy lab, the results are decidedly quaffable.

Banks and Bloom specialise in drinkable botany, with shelves dedicated to the extracted sensory delights of plants. Endless catalogues of aromas, flavours and colours of native fruits, berries, herbs, seeds and spices. 

To Professor Banks, there is another world inside every botanical specimen, invisible to the untrained eye. In a language all of their own, the individual sensory compounds and their interactions tell a delicious new story. 

Drinkable botany that’s decidedly quaffable.

Doctor Bloom, an eccentric young botanist, can lose whole days pottering around The Garden. Always found with plant cuttings in his pockets and dirt under his fingernails, he loves heading out into the world to find exotic new botanicals for Professor Banks to tinker with, in The Lab.