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Aquila Black LTD

The Aquila Black Difference

The R&D team are developing a range of non-alcoholic spirits using our technology to break through current limitations in this sector to make shelf life stable, low calorie botanical beverages that deliver on taste and mouth feel.

Current non alcoholic spirits have a number of challenges including:
  • limited shelf life stability (or the need for refrigeration after opening)
  • very high sugar content (to create mouthfeel and enhance taste) and
  • problems with microbial spoilage.
Non alcoholic cannabinoid beverages have additional challenges:
  • 'solubility' of THC/CBD in a water based beverage
  • slow bioavailability to feel effects
  • stability of the THC/CBDs

Our novel patented technology solves these issues by creating shelf stable, low sugar, low calorie and great tasting products. Current shelf life stability testing demonstrates stability beyond 24 months (compared to several months for competing products). 

Our technology not only involves unique processes of extraction, but then enables those botanical extracts (incl cannabinoids) to be:

  1. Dispersible in water, making them suitable for non-alcoholic beverages.
  2. Stable in both concentrate and beverage format, omitting the need for cold chain and light sensitive handling and packaging.
  3. Captured and stored in a reconstitutable stable shippable powder format, ensuring consistency and year availability of key phyto-extracts for colour, flavour and aromas from seasonal native botanicals.
Aquila has also uniquely utilised botanical extracts to:
  1. mimic the mouthfeel of alcohol in its non-alcoholic ‘spirit style’ beverages; and
  2. develop a sweetener for its no/low cal beverages.
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